Dear friends of healthy nutrition,

We have prepared a project for you called "Health Line", which offers you the opportunity to take full care of your health by daily replenishing your body with beneficial substances contained in fruit and vegetable juices, as well as spring and mineral waters.

These are primarily essential vitamins and minerals necessary for a healthy life.

To implement the "Health Line" project, we have prepared self-service vending machines.

"Health Line" vending machines will be (gradually) placed in locations that will allow you to regularly use their benefits. To make this line, which brings health support to various places, more visible, we have divided the "Health Line" network according to their availability...

In cooperation with companies and businesses, self-service vending machines will be placed in companies and factories

so that they are available during

your work.

This way you will be able to have a glass

of sea buckthorn-apple juice in the morning

to wake you up and energize you, after

lunch you can replenish your drinking regime with spring or mineral water and a glass

of beetroot-apple juice, and on the way home from work you can boost yourself with antioxidants contained in aronia-apple juice.


Even during journeys spent in vehicles,

we want to offer the possibility

of accessing the Health Line at rest

stops or directly at petrol stations.

A moment of rest to get new strength

for the next journey will definitely

be provided by a glass of tasty and chilled gently pasteurized fruit/vegetable juice,

or spring or mineral water.


The popularity of fruit and vegetable juices among children and youth has been known for a long time. Combining the benefits

of health-promoting juices with their fantastic taste will naturally replace the offer of unhealthy sweetened drinks. Regular intake of vitamins and minerals will also naturally increase immunity, which is especially important during regular seasonal flu pandemics.


When doing sports, relaxing or shopping, a dose of vitamins or minerals always comes in handy. Sometimes to replenish minerals and vitamins after a demanding performance, sometimes

just for the pleasure of enjoying it.


Manufacturer: Ing. Jozef Cipro – TAWI

Jána A. Komenského 24, 071 71 Michalovce

+421/905 318 604

Self-service vending machines