100% juice from fresh apples and sea buckthorn cold pressed

Sea buckthorn is one of the most nutritious plants in the world.

Chemical analyzes have confirmed that it is the best (so far known) single source of a natural grouping of more than 190 substances.

It contains up to 40 times more vitamin C

than citrus fruits.

100% juice from fresh apples and black chokeberry cold pressed

Black chokeberry (Aronia) has the highest

recorded amounts of antioxidants in plants.

These antioxidants provide cell protection

and can bind free radicals, which are

the cause of many diseases due

to the gradual aging of the body.

100% juice from fresh apples and beetroot cold pressed

Raw beetroot - it is one of the most widespread

types of cultivated beets. This popular delicacy

hides a lot of health-beneficial substances,

which are manifested in the prevention

of diseases associated primarily with

a deficiency of red blood cells.

100% juice from fresh apples and peppermint cold pressed

Peppermint stimulates the immune system,

promotes good sleep, helps balance the intestinal microflora, freshens breath, increases appetite,

calms the nervous system, cools

the body during hot days.

100% Natural mineral water of exceptional composition

Natural mineral water, highly mineralized,

carbonated, bicarbonate, sodium-magnesium,

with increased content of magnesium, calcium,

sodium, lithium. Treated with oxygen oxidation.

Beneficial effects on the neutralization of acidic

inflammatory environment, after consumption

of alcoholic beverages.


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